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We’re a family of four that lives in the Gantrisch Nature Park near Schwarzenburg, Switzerland. Barbara is a self-employed farmer-florist (www.wilde-wiese.ch), while Markus works in marketing. Our daughter loves horses more than anything, while our youngest son has discovered his enthusiasm for technology. Three cats and nine chickens are also part of our household. We hold nature very close to our hearts, which is why we make purchases as locally as possible and look for organic and seasonal products. In autumn 2021, we decided to buy this small home on Jaun Pass and to offer it to others to rent in addition to our own use. We already knew the region around Jaun Pass as our children have always had fun here all throughout the year. We also have friends who have mobile homes here as well. That made the decision easy for us. We wanted to furnish our second home with what we found tasteful, so we fully renovated the chalet. We said goodbye to the old oil stove and replaced it with a pellet stove. We also had the old floors completely removed and replaced with parquet. These updates and many other extras aim to create a really comfortable space for both our guests and us to feel right at home. If you’d like additional tips or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our family wishes you a wonderful time and an enjoyable holiday!

Barbara & Markus
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